Black Diamond is the company that runs this website. Black
Diamond is referred to as “we,” “us,” and “our”
throughout the site. Black Diamond provides you, the user, with this website,
as well as any information, resources, and facilities offered by this site,
provided that you understand all terms, conditions, policies, and notices
contained herein.

We have the right to change the terms of this agreement at any time. As we make changes, we will update this page. Your continued use of the website after this update signifies your acceptance of the amended terms of the agreement.


In its term and condition, Black Diamond reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders, including, without limitation, if Black Diamond sees that the customer behavior appears to violates actual law or is hazardous to Black Diamond or any of its associates or affiliates’ interests. 

According to Black Diamond’s permission and knowledge,  you are granted a limited license to use the information and manage individual use of this Site and not to extract or modify it or any element of it, even with Black Diamond’s express written consent. Any sales price or advertisement use of Site or its contents; every collection and use of product descriptions, representations, or costs; a certain derivative use of this Webpage or its materials; any downloading or copying of account information for the benefit of another merchant; or any use of data analysis, automation, spiders, or similar data processing and collection tools are not permitted under this license.

Types of Information We Collect:

We may gather two categories of information through this website:

Information you specifically supply to us and information collected automatically as a result of your usage of the site. Any information you enter into a form or submit to us through email counts as information you specifically provide to us. Information you enter when placing a purchase or creating an account is an example of this type of data.

·        Terms of Buying the Product:

The person buying the product from our website is required to be of legal age(18 years). To buy products from our website, you need to have a valid credit or debit card and should provide will accurate information, including:

  • The name on the card
  • Number of the card
  • Type of card
  • Expiration date
  • Security code

·        Terms for payment:

All credit or debit card payments, as well as any other payment method that we may indicate when you sign up or the product you have purchased, are accepted by Black Diamond. In the future, we may decide to take any form of payment, including cash. You should have the appropriate legal permissions to use the card on Black Diamond.

We will never be found responsible for any improper payments made by a third party on your card.

You agree to pay all charges associated with the purchase of any subscription, including taxes and fees of any kind, by adding your payment options. You agree to pay all sums due upon demand if we do not receive payment from the card issuer.

·        Terms of Availability of Product:

Black Diamond has complete discretion to suspend or cancel the availability of its products on its site, in whole or in part, at any time and for any reason. We have complete discretion over this and are not obligated to provide prior notification.

·        Terms of Warranty:

We guarantee that our products (Products) are free of defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase and solely to the original retail customer (Buyer).

We guarantee that our products are free of defects in material, and we provide one year guarantee from the date of purchase and solely to the original retail customer (Buyer). Our headlamps come with a three-year warranty. The customer must return the item to the location of the store if he or she discovers a covered flaw. If this is not conceivable, kindly return the Goods to us at the location given. At our authority, the product will be fixed or replaced. That is the limit of our responsibility under this Warranty, and all such obligations shall end upon the expiration of the corresponding warranty period. For all warranty claims, we reserve the right to request evidence of purchase.

·        Terms of Using Our Equipment:

Climbing and activities related, such as skilled mountain, crystals, and snow climbing, are extremely unsafe in several ways. Each person who uses our gadgets in any way is individually responsible for learning the proper techniques and assumes all risks and full responsibility for any damages and injuries or anything else, such as death, that may occur as a consequence of using any equipment purchased through this catalog. Though books and catalogs like those can be helpful, they cannot replace personal training from a knowledgeable person who is familiar with all appropriate safety techniques.

·        Terms of Using the Site:

You are allowed basic, temporary, and diverse permission to build a hyperlink to any page of Black Diamond so long as the connection does not misrepresent Black Diamond or its products or services in any way. Without specific written permission, you can not use any Black Diamond symbol or other intellectual graphic or trademark as part of the link.  

 Any information emerging from your use of this site that you do not directly supply is considered automatic information related to your use of this site. Your IP address, the sort of web browser you’re using, and the speed of your internet connection are all examples of this information.

·        Terms of delivery:

The goods ordered on this Website are shipped to you by an outside carrier who is not associated with or controlled by Black Diamond. When Black Diamond transfers these items to the courier, you receive title to the products acquired on this Website, as well as the risk of loss for such products.

You undertake to abide by all relevant laws in connection with your use of the Website, as well as any additional restrictions set forth by Black Diamond in any published or on-screen notification. You guarantee that you will not use the Site for any activity that is illegal or forbidden by this Agreement as a term of your use of the Website. All information you give in connection with a purchase, engagement, or another financial payment contact with this Site or any founder website will be accurate, clear, and up to date. All charges generated by users of your credit card, debit card, or another payment method in association with a purchase, transaction, or even other financial transaction engagement with you might be charged by you.

You must not use this website if you disagree with any point made in this article. You certify that you have thoroughly read and comprehended everything in this contract.